The Feynman ratchet-and-pawl revisited

Data de Início: 
quinta-feira, 14 Setembro, 2023 - 16:00
Prof. Dr. Bart Cleuren - Halsset University - Bélgica
Auditório Gleb Wataghin - IFUSP
Resumo do colóquio: The Feynman ratchet-and-pawl is a celebrated illustration of an apparent Maxwell demon, capable of extracting useful work from equilibrium thermal fluctuations. In this talk I review the original context of the ratchet-and-pawl construction and present a microscopic exact conceptualisation, allowing for a discussion based on first principles.
Sobre o palestrante: The central theme of my research is the statistical physics of systems out of equilibrium. The topics under study are: work and fluctuation theorems, thermodynamic efficiency at maximum power, stochastic thermodynamics, Brownian motors and refrigerators, electrochemical and electro-optical nano-devices. Were possible, a connection is made with applications in biology and nano-technology.


  • Auditório Gleb Wataghin, no Instituto de Física;
  • Transmissão pública: acompanhe pelo YouTube do IFUSP.

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