Applied physics

Radiation protection is the main concern of the researchers at the Radiation Dosimetry Laboratory. They carry out technological development of dosimetric materials and methods for soil, environment and medical dosimetry. Along with Ionic Crystals, Thin Films and Dating Laboratory they also perform research in defects on solids. Geological and archaeological dating is another research line of this laboratory. This topic as well as dating of art objects are also studied by the Group of Applied Physics with Accelerators. Ionic beams are also used to produce ion tracks in materials related to nanostructures and characterization of new materials. Analysis of this type and similar are performed through the facilities of the Material Analysis by Ionic Beam Laboratory.

Radiation dosimetry
Ana Regina Blak
Elisabeth Mateus Yoshimura
Emico Okuno
Paulo Roberto Costa
Ionic crystals, thin films and dating
José Fernando Diniz Chubaci
Masao Matsuoka
Shigueo Watanabe
Applied physics with acelerators
Márcia de Almeida Rizzutto
Manfredo Harri Tabacniks
Nemitala Added

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