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Open position for Assistant Professor of Atmospheric Physics, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Applied Physics Department, Institute of Physics

University of Sao Paulo

The Institute of Physics of the University of Sao Paulo (USP) invites applications for a assistant professor permanent position in atmospheric physics, with a research focus in one or more of the following areas: aerosols, clouds, radiation balance, or other applied atmospheric physics subjects. The position is to start at around August 2020. Exceptionally qualified applicants from any nationality, holding a PhD degree in Physics or in a closely related field, are encouraged to apply. The hired professional is expected to contribute to the diversity and excellence of the institute through research, teaching and services. We seek candidates who have the capacity to establish a vigorous, innovative, externally funded research program that complements existing faculty research interests, and who are able to teach effectively both the undergraduate and graduate physics curricula.

USP is a dynamic public research university that integrates teaching, research and services. It is the largest university in Brazil and one of the most prestigious higher education and research institutions in Latin America, being responsible for around 20% of all Brazilian academic output. The Institute of Physics currently consists of 121 tenured faculty, 425 PhD and MSc students, and 1097 undergraduate majors. For more information, see http://portal.if.usp.br/ifusp/en. The available position is for the Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics, at the Applied Physics Department. It is a vibrant and well-established research group that works on a variety of atmospheric physics problems, including, but not limited to, aerosols and clouds lifecycles, radiative balance, and climate change. The group uses in-situ and remote sensing instrumentation, as well as computer models at various scales. They study environmental issues in Amazonia, with measurements at the ATTO tower, as well as urban air pollution issues. We have extensive laboratory facilities with several AMS, PTR-MS, Raman Lidars, radiometers, and other instrumentation for measuring aerosol optical and physical properties.

How to apply?

Applicants should upload the necessary documentation on the USP Digital website at https://uspdigital.usp.br/gr/admissao before March 11th 2020, at 11:59 p.m. (GMT -3, Brasilia time). The official "Call for Applications" with detailed information about the selection process can be found here:

http://bit.ly/2N8pNp2 (in Portuguese)

http://bit.ly/36F6lbi (in English)

Please read these documents carefully, as they contain vital information for a successful application.

How is the selection process organized?

The whole process, from the call for applications to the nomination of the successful applicant, typically takes 6 months. 

The first step (You): do your application through the website, attaching all necessary documents. 

Second step (Physics Institute): evaluation of the submitted documentation. Only complete applications will be accepted. 

Third step (Physics Institute): nominate an independent committee to judge all candidates.  

Fourth step (You and the committee): the committee will meet to evaluate all candidates during the same week. This is typically 1-4 months after the approved applicants have been announced, and takes place at the Physics Institute. The committee evaluates the candidates with three exams: (1) a public presentation of the candidate's CV followed by questions; (2) a public presentation of the candidate's research project followed by questions; and (3) a public lecture, at undergraduate level. 

The lecture is for the selection committee, and not for a class of students.  The committee will first define 10 specific topics that can fit in a 50min lecture, based on the syllabus of the courses specified in the call for applications. Each candidate will draw a topic 24h before the scheduled time for their lecture. 

Candidates who arrive late to the exams will be disqualified. At the end of that evaluation week, the committee will nominate the successful candidate for the position. 

I'm a foreign, can I apply? 

Yes, applicants from any nationality can apply.

The application website is only available in Portuguese, now what?

Please download this tutorial: tutorial_application_website.pdf

Which documents are necessary for a foreign national?

The full list of the necessary documents can be found in the call for applications.  They will be uploaded to the application website after you create your account. Below we give a short explanation about one. Note that documents with an (*) are mandatory. 

1. Identification document (*)

A scanned copy of the identification document that you used to register on the website (passport, or national id card, or the brazilian ID for foreigns (RNE), etc.)

2. Proof that you are allowed to live in Brazil (necessary only latter)

An appointed foreign applicant may only take office if holding a temporary or permanent visa, which grants to the holder permission to exercise remunerated activities in Brazil. 

3. Application request letter (*)

This is a letter addressed to the director of the Physics Institute, asking to accept and process your application. Please use the template available at the application website. There is a download link in the form that you will use to upload this document. 

Note: the letter is in Portuguese. If you have trouble understanding what each required field means, please have a look at this tutorial: request_letter_guide_in_english.docx.  

4. Proof of PhD degree (*)

To apply for a permanent position in Brazil, you need to show a proof of the PhD degree (a copy of the diploma, for instance). However, it must be a diploma recognized by the University of Sao Paulo. Only Phd diplomas issued in Brazil are automatically recognized. Going through the process of validating an international diploma in Brazil will take 3-9 months, and only makes sense if you are appointed for the position.

Therefore, to do your application, you will need to write to the President of the Graduate Commission of the Institute of Physics (Prof. Dr. Raul Abramo - cpgusp@if.usp.br). He will look at your diploma, and other documents (e.g. school records), and will ask the director to issue a temporary document recognizing your Phd degree. Please request the temporary validation as soon as possible. 

You should then upload your diploma together with this document!

5. Detailed CV (*)

This is one of the most important documents. You should tell about everything you did in your academic life. Some people start with a personal account of they childhood, and why they got interested in science,. Then they explain their choices for BS, MS, and PhD, and why they pursue the research topics they do. Finally, they add the more traditional information of a detailed Curriculum (papers, students, previous jobs, awards, grants, administrative tasks, outreach, services to the scientific community, etc.).

There is no mandatory format, so organize it however you like. A suggestion would be to at least separate: teaching, research, administration, and outreach.

Note: You are expected to present proofs for every information on your CV. For authorship of papers, you could attach the first page of each one. 

6. Letter saying you’ll do the exams in English

Not mandatory, but you can write a letter asking to talk in English during the presentations to the selection committee. 

7. Research Project (*)

A detailed research project that you plan to develop at USP during the first 2-years.

When do you need the reference letters?

Reference letters are not required during the selection process. All the evaluation is done solely by the committee. 

More information

Further information and inquires should be sent to:

Prof. Henrique Barbosa - head of Applied Physics Department (hbarbosa@if.usp.br) or

Academic Assistance, Institute of Physics (ataac@if.usp.br)

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