Physics education

Aristotle’s Physics, the first treatise on physics, may also be considered the first textbook on this discipline. Galileo and Newton changed physics but teaching through textbooks continues to this day. Other ways to support teaching, such as educational laboratories, emerged to comply with the experimental character of physics. The development of more advanced methods of teaching physics is a concern of our researcher in the area of research in physics education. To meet this purpose they do research on the ways the concepts of science can be taught by relying on historical and cultural development of physics and related sciences as well as on modern ideas in education.

Physics education
Alberto Villani
André Machado Rodrigues
Anne Louise Scarinci Peres
Cristiano Rodrigues de Mattos
Cristina Leite
Ewout Ter Haar
Fuad Daher Saad
Gil da Costa Marques
Ivã Gurgel
Jesuína Lopes de Almeida Pacca
João Zanetic
José Luciano Miranda Duarte
Luis Carlos de Menezes
Maria José Bechara
Maria Regina Dubeaux Kawamura
Mikiya Muramatsu
Nobuko Ueta
Nora Lia Maidana

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