Atomic, molecular and optical physics

This field of research comprises the study of the electronic structure of atoms and molecules and the study of electromagnetic radiation and its interaction with matter. The first topic is close related to quantum chemistry and is the area of research of the Group of Molecular Physics and Modeling. This group uses a methodology that combines simulations and quantum mechanics to study mainly molecular liquids and solvent effects and biomolecules. The second topic includes some exciting and rapidly expanding areas of physics such as laser cooling and trapping, quantum optics, ultracold collisions, quantum information and Bose-Einstein condensation, some of which are studied theoretically and some studied experimentally by the Laboratory of Coherent Manipulation of Atoms and Light. Presently the group is investigating the quantum correlations between coherent light beams. Classical optics is studied by the group of the Optics Laboratory by speckle techniques.

Molecular physics
Kaline Rabelo Coutinho
Márcio Teixeira do Nascimento Varella
Sylvio Roberto Accioly Canuto
Coherent manipulation of atoms and light
Marcelo Martinelli
Paulo Alberto Nussenzveig
Classical optics
Mikiya Muramatsu
Walter Maigon Pontuschka
Cold atoms, Bose-Einstein condensation
Antonio Fernando Ribeiro de Toledo Piza
Arnaldo Gammal