Atmospheric physics

The earth's atmosphere is a system with a rich variety of physical processes such as radiation, optical and electrical effects, and transport and turbulence. Atmospheric physics concerns the study of these processes, including the interaction with the biosphere and hydrosphere, as well as the construction of instruments and devices for data aquisition and laboratory studies. The interpretation of the data comes from atmospheric modelling accomplished by the use of fluid flow equations, radiation balancing and energy transfer processes. The group of the Atmospheric Physics Laboratory carries out investigations on the following topics: studies of gases and particles in burnings in the Amazon, large scale experiments of the biosphere and atmosphere in the Amazon, modelling the transport of aerosols on a large scale in the Amazon, studies of air pollution in the metropolitan area of São Paulo, and long term measurements of aerosols and heavy metals in the Antarctic.

Atmospheric physics
Alexandre Lima Correia
Américo Adlai Franco Sansigolo Kerr
Henrique de Melo Jorge Barbosa
Paulo Eduardo Artaxo Netto
Levitaion and transport of particles by ultrasound
Marco Aurélio Brizzotti Andrade

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