LAMFI occupies an approximate area of ​​240 m2 in the IFUSP Van der Graaff Building. The main equipments of the LAMFI are an electrostatic Pelletron-Tandem, 5SDH Accelerator with maximum terminal voltage of 1.7MV, produced by National Electrostatic Co. USA, two ion sources (Alphatross and SNICS-II) and three analytical setups, one of them with an external beam, coupled to a XYZ 3D robotic table with 60 cm of span in each axys and high precision (5μm).  LAMFI also houses a sample preparation laboratory whith a TROX laminar flow hood, a chemical hood for the handling of volatile substances. It also contains a precision laboratory scale and laboratory equipment for preparation of emulsions and samples, such as thermal bath, centrifuge, ultrasonic bath, etc.


General view of LAMFI with the accelerator in the center and the ion source enclosure on the right.