Management Committee

The use of the LAFI is free of charge for academic use and is available to researchers of any university or research facility. The Management Committee defines the LAMFI usage policy, the distribution of machine time, evaluates the performance of the Laboratory and deliberates on new projects.  The LAMFI Management Committee is composed of five members of IFUSP and two of EPUSP. Complaints and suggestions about the use or access to LAMFI should be sent to the User's Committee.

Prof. Dr. Paulo E. Artaxo Netto (head), DFAP - IFUSP

Prof. Dr. Marcos Nogueira Martins, DFEP - IFUSP

Prof. Dr. Adriano Mesquita Alencar, DFGE - IFUSP

Prof. Dr. Nemitala Added, DFN - IFUSP

Prof. Dr. Nilton Itiro Morimoto, EPUSP

Prof. Dr. Sebastião G. Santos Filho,  EPUSP

Prof. Dr. Manfredo H. Tabacniks (Head of the laboratory), DFAP - IFUSP