Terms of use



The Laboratory of Material Analysis using Ion Beams of the University of São Paulo (LAMFI-USP) is a multiuser laboratory created to mantain and to develope atomic-nuclear methods used in materials analysis, making these resources available to researchers in Brazil and abroad. LAMFI-USP users may be academic researchers, their students, companies or scientists in general.

Analyses categories

A complete analysis at LAMFI-USP comprises both, sample irradiation + spectra recording, and spectra processing for a full characterization of an analyzed sample. The decision to perform a complete analysis is an option of the user.

Academic analyses generate academic publications. The academic use of LAMFI is free of charge and suposes that the user cites the term "LAMFI-USP" in their works or publications or cite a reference of the Laboratory. Despite the exemption, but in the interest of users, researchers are expected to collaborate with reimbursement of lab costs. Comprehensive academic analysis with the participation of LAMFI-USP staff, are considered collaborative works whose results should be published in co-authorship.

Non academic analyses are usualy of commercial interest. Non-academic analyses are charged according to the prices in this website. Academic publications containing results of LAMFI-USP without any citation of the Laboratory will be considered non-academic and the costs of the analyses shall be reimbursed to IFUSP.

Internal  work are calibration, development or maintenance work, regardless of whether or not they result in academic publications. Internal work should result in gain for the laboratory and / or users.


Filing an analysis request

Requests for a non-academic analysis should be sent directly to lamfi@if.usp.br for evaluation and guidance.

Academic use of LAMFI can be requested through the Analyses Request Form in this website. All analyses requests are evaluated by the laboratory's head or sent to a referee. There is no PAC and all requests are evaluated in the order received. Once a request has been aproved, the analysis will be scheduled and the interested user will be given notice.  By submitting an Analyses Request, you implicitly agree to the Terms of Use of LAMFI-USP in this website. In the case of students, the academic advisor will be asked to consent.

For immediate use of the in vacuum IBA chamber, it is necessary that the samples for analysis must be thinner than 6 mm and the linear dimensions should be between 7 and 25 mm. Samples out of these specifications may suffer delays in the analysis or need to be adapted by the user.


After the analysis

During the analysis the Laboratory generates an Analysis paper Form with relevant informations of the experiments. All spectra, including the calibration ones, and the accelerator conditions during the experiment ( a unique feature of LAMFI-USP) are recorded in LAMFI's Spectra Portal, which can be accessed by any user. Access ID and password should be asked by e-mail to lamfi@if.usp.br

Samples sent or left in the Laboratory will be available for withdrawal for 30 days. After this period, samples may be discarded.


Citation and acknowledgement

The best way to cite LAMFI-USP is the reference below. Alternatively, the following text may be used to cite and / or thank the use of the Laboratory:

Reference: Tabacniks, M.H. The Laboratory of Material Analysis with Ion Beams, LAMFI-USP,  in Proceedings of the XX Brazilian Workshop on Nuclear Physics”, ed. Sergio R. Souza et al., World Scientific Publishing Co., Singapore (1997), 467 p; ISBN 9810234295. p 443-451. (arXiv:1902.08309)

“This research used resources of the Laboratory of Material Analysis with Ion Beams - LAMFI-USP,  of the University of São Paulo. The author(s) acknowledge the laboratory staff for assistance during the experiments.”