Data de Início: 
quinta-feira, 11 Abril, 2019 - 16:00
Dra. Valentina Martelli - FMT - IFUSP
Auditório Abrahão de Moraes do IFUSP


ABSTRACT: Complex and correlated electron systems with promising new functionalities often involve entwined electronic degrees of freedom. The experimental investigation of transport properties under extreme conditions is a possible route to disentangle them. In this context, I will discuss the results on the electric and thermoelectric transport down to very-low temperature and under high magnetic field in the heavy fermion Ce3Pd20Si6 [1] and in the Kondo semimetal CeRu4Sn6. I will also present our recent results on thermal transport in SrTiO3 [2], showing how new collective phenomena can be surprisingly revealed in a widely used material.

In this talk, I will also present my future plans of research activities at IFUSP. The general goal of my project is to investigate the thermoelectric response in a number of candidate topological materials with the aim to bring relevant insights in the microscopic understanding of organization of charge carriers and to explore new routes for enhancing thermoelectric performance, in 3D and 2D materials, as tuning dimensionality is a route to explore the multi-functionality of materials hosting novel states of matter.

[1] Martelli et al.

[2] Martelli et al. "Thermal transport and phonon hydrodynamics in strontium titanate." Physical review letters 120.12 (2018): 125901.


ABOUT THE SPEAKER: obtained the PhD at the University of Florence in 2012. In 2015, she joined the group of Quantum Materials led by Prof. S. Buehler Paschen at the Technische Universitaet Wien (Vienna, Austria), where she investigated the strongly correlated electron systems Ce3Pd20Si6 and CeRu4Sn6. In 2015, she moved to Brazil where she worked as Post-Doc in CBPF (Rio de Janeiro), under the supervision of Prof. M. Continentino, where she studied thermal transport phenomena in SrTiO3 and Bismuth thin films at low temperatures. Currently working as Post-Doc in the group of Prof. A. Paduan (IFUSP), she has been approved in the last public concourse at the IFUSP in the area of Materials at the Nanoscale.


Palavras-chave: thermoelectricity, transport properties, correlated electron system