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M. C. de Sousa, Marcus, F. A., Caldas, I. L., and Viana, R. L., Energy distribution in intrinsically coupled systems: The spring pendulum paradigm, Physica A, vol. 509, pp. 1110-1119, 2018. (1.33 MB) (879.47 KB) (804.75 KB) (17.9 MB)
R. L. Viana, Mathias, A. C., Marcus, F. A., Kroetz, T., and Caldas, I. L., Fractal boundaries in chaotic hamiltonian systems, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, vol. 911, p. 012002, 2017. (3.79 MB)
C. G. L. Martins, Marcus, F. A., Caldas, I. L., and R. de Carvalho, E., Robust tori in a double-waved Hamiltonian model, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, vol. 389, no. 23, pp. 5511 - 5514, 2010. (653.81 KB)
I. L. Caldas, Marcus, F. A., Batista, A. Marcos, Viana, R. L., Lopes, S. R., HELLER, M. V. A. P., Guimarães-Filho, Z. O., Morrison, P. J., and Horton, W., Turbulence Induced Transport in Tokamaks, in PLASMA AND FUSION SCIENCE: 16th IAEA Technical Meeting on Research using Small Fusion Devices; XI Latin American Workshop on Plasma PhysicsAIP Conference Proceedings, Mexico City (Mexico), 2006. (893.58 KB)