The USP Graduate Program in Physics

Our Institute aims at awarding degrees to professionals qualified to work in the many diverse fields of Physics, as well as in interdisciplinary fields. The goal of our program is making students capable of conceiving and addressing Physics problems in many fields of knowledge, including non-academic sectors. Our alumni work for universities and research centers in Brazil and abroad, as well as for industrial, entrepreneurial and health sectors. The education we offer to our graduate students aims at developing reasoning, creativity and intellectual versatility, enabling them to keep pace with the development of related knowledge fields and to take active part in the production of knowledge and technological innovations.

The IFUSP Graduate Program is pioneering in the country. It was officially created in 1970, but our PhDs have been graduating from IFUSP since the late 1940s. Since its official establishment, the IFUSP Graduate Program has awarded degrees to a significant number of professionals in the field of Physics: 1168 masters and 850 doctors (2015 data).

With approximately 126 advisors and 350 students (2015 data), the IFUSP Graduate Program has an extraordinary thematic diversity, which makes it stand out in the Brazilian academic scene. The research activities carried out in our program include diversified areas from Cosmology to Biophysics, and from Environmental Physics to Materials Science. Nearly all fields of Physics are covered: Nuclear Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Optics, Biophysics, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Mathematical Physics, Plasma Physics, Dynamical Systems, Cosmology, Particles and Fields Physics, Statistical Mechanics, Applied Physics and Instrumentation, etc.

IFUSP has an excellent infrastructure for the development of research work by professors and graduate students. Modern and well-equipped laboratories, up-to-date resources for data processing, and one of the best scientific libraries in Brazil are some of the advantages offered to those who develop their graduate studies here.

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