Notice that: Master students must complete at least 48 credits in subjects before making the deposit of their thesis and PhD students need 20 credits in subjects for dipositing their dissertation. Direct PhD students need 68 credits in courses.

Mandatory courses
In order to guarantee an adequate basic formation for the future IFUSP Masters and Doctos, a set of subjetcts was defined to be taken by the students of our Program. They are: a) Quantum Mechanics I and II; b) Classical Electrodynamics I and II; c) Statistical Mechanics and; d) Classical Mechanics. From these, a Master's student must obtain approval in at least 2 and a PhD student, in 3. To clarify things: there is no need to take 5 mandatory courses; if a student takes Quantum Mechanics I and Classical Mechanics during his/her Mastership, in the Doctorate, he/she will only need to attend one more mandatory course.
Also: Quantum Mechanics I is the most important subject among the obligatory ones, so you have to take it during the Mastership. And once you obtained you Master's Degree in any other Graduate Program, you can solicitate exemption from taking up to the 3 mandatory courses required in our Doctorate. However, be aware: when you get exemption from obligatory subjects, you do not get equivalent credits! That means you still need to fulfill the minimum number of credits to make the deposit!

List of courses for the 2nd semester of 2021
(Courses listed in Portuguese will be taught in Portuguese)

Every semester, the list of courses available to be taken is usually released one or two weeks before our regular students biannual re-enrollment period. And since the distribution of classrooms is usually done after that, we recommend you to check it here, a few days before classes actually start, to see in which classrooons they will take place. 

Regular courses

PGF5005 - Classical Mechanics
Prof. Iberê Luiz Caldas

PGF5299 - Cosmologia Física 2
Prof. Marcos Vinicius Borges Teixeira Lima

PGF5004 - Eletrodinâmica Clássica 2 
Prof. Ricardo Magnus Osório Galvão

PGF5207 - Ion Beam Techniques for Materials Characterization
Profs. Tiago Fiorini da Silva and Manfredo Harri Tabacniks

PGF5002 - Mecânica Quântica 2
Profa. Renata Zukanovich Funchal

PGF5324 - Phenomenology of Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
Prof. Frédérique Marie Brigitte Sylvie Grassi

PGF5007 - Preparação Pedagógica de Ensino
Prof. Daniela Provedel

PGF5369 - Sistemas com Interação de Coulumb: Estabilidade, Limite Termodinâmico e Grupo de Renormalização em Problemas Atuais da Física
Prof. Domingos Humberto Urbano Marchetti

PGF5828 - Quantum Field Theory 2
Prof. Gustavo Alberto Burdman

PGF5001 - Quantum Mechanics 1
Prof. Alberto Martinez Torres

PGF5110 - Solid State Physics
Prof. Marília Junqueira Caldas

PGF5006 - Statistical Mechanics
Prof. Carlos Eduardo Fiore dos Santos

PGF5368 - Particle Physics 
Prof. Edivaldo Moura Santos

PGF5261 - Teoria de Grupos Aplicada a Moléculas e Sólidos
Prof. Lucy Vitoria Credidio Assali
Starts on August 14th, 2021

PGF5327 - Tópicos Avançados em Astrofísica Nuclear
Prof. Valdir Guimarães


PGF5372 - Tópicos em difração e espalhamento: foco em biomacromoléculas
Prof. Cristiano Luis Pinto de Oliveira