Exchange international students

If you are already enrolled in an international graduation program, but wish to take a few courses and develop part of you research project here at IFUSP, it is possible to enroll as an exchange student (which we call “intercâmbio”). This type of enrollment allows you to spend a period of 3 to 12 months at our Institute, renewable for another 12 months (since your home university agrees with your permanence).

As an exchange student, you will be entitled to a USP ID Card to have access to services such as libraries; sports center; refectories and the University Hospital. You will also be granted a special card to circulate in the campus buses.

But, before all that, find in this link the list of research areas that our professors work with here at IFUSP. Search for groups and scientists who you can get in touch and start preparing for your trip. Remember this: in Brazil, the school calendar implies that you will take courses from February to June and/or from August to November, which means that your stay may be more fruitful if you decide to come at the beginning of semesters.

In order to formalize your interest in registering as an “intercambista” and notifying us of your coming, we ask you to fill out this application form.

Please notice that the documents required in the form will have to be issued and delivered at the Graduate Office once you arrive. They are listed below so you won’t forget to provide them.

1. Recommendation letter from your home university supervisor addressed to your IFUSP supervisor;
2. Proof of enrollment issued by your home university;
3. Research project/proposal;
4. Schedule of activities that will be held at USP;
5. Passport identification page;
6. Photo for your USP ID Card (passport standard);
7. Temporary Brazilian Visa for students (IV Visa);
8. Health insurance covering the period of your stay (it can be sent to our e-mail after your arrival to Brazil);
9. RNM protocol (National Registration of Foreigners) - it must be sent after your arrival to Brazil.

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